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We build relationships with our clients through integrity and great work that suits your project’s budget and design needs.

About Rhinovator Pty Ltd

During my years at this business, I learned how a home renovation project should run. Unfortunately, many people have heard enough “money pit” horror stories to make them think that good remodeling projects only happen on television or in glossy magazines.

Not true. With the right combination of professionals, materials, expectations, and communication, the dream you’re contemplating can become a reality. For unbiased advice, call me in first. I’ve evaluated hundreds of houses, seen more than 30 complex home renovations from start to finish, know the right people, procedures, and products, and can help you set up your project for success. After we determine the right direction, I will help you to design your dream home or investment property to your taste with all the practical advice where necessary from me. My services are not just for those with large, high-end undertakings. Oftentimes the smaller the job is, the less room there is in the budget for errors and backtracking. Whatever the size of your project, my guidance will pay for itself by helping you avoid costly missteps–something my clients attest to. And if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone who knows houses, inside and out? Whatever stage of the home experience you’re in–buying, selling, or improving–my job is to make the process as satisfying as possible for you

Our History

Over 10+ Years of Experience in all types of renovation.

Rhinovator Pty Ltd Professionals Group is a quality, local builder who specializes in home renovation and extensions, with a passion for seeing homes transformed and people just like you enjoying a lifestyle they never thought possible.

Our unique Design – Plan – Construction process means that we take care of your entire home renovation journey – from initial ideas to construction. We make renovations easy. No job is small or big for us. We will satisfy you with our qualities


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